Customized solutions for sterilization boxes

Availability of Polysulfone sterilization boxes of various sizes for containing small parts, AISI 304 stainless steel pin tubes of various sizes and silicone mats. All customizable according to the customer's needs.

Polysulfone boxes
Silicone mats
Tubetti porta pin

Polysulfone boxes

Safe protection for medical minutiae.

Boxes used for transporting medical minutiae. They are sold complete with cover and inner silicone mat.

They are available in the following sizes (in mm):

4 x 7 x 1,9

6,5 x 15 x 1,9

4 x 7 x 3,2

6,5 x 15 x 3,2

Customized sizes on request

Silicone mats.

Optimal management of medical instruments.

Mats made of medical silicone, useful for placing medical instruments/objects that do not require stable housing.

Customized sizes upon request.

Pin tubes

Reliable protection

Perforated cylindrical containers made of AISI 304, used for carrying metal tips/wires.

Available in the dimensions (in mm):

149 x Ø12

 186 x Ø12

Custom sizes on request