Orthopedic prostheses


Orthopedic prostheses

Sterilization box for prosthetic implants

The field of orthopedic prosthetics requires specific equipment to ensure the safety and effectiveness of surgical procedures. In this context, sterilization boxes for orthopedic prostheses play a key role. These sterile containers are carefully designed to safely and hygienically contain the surgical instruments required for implantation of orthopedic prostheses.

The lines of sterilization boxes dedicated to orthopedic prostheses are designed to ensure maximum convenience and functionality during the preparatory and operative phases.


Steel Line /01

Sterilization boxes for heavy orthopedic instruments

Sterile containers in the Steel/01 line are perfect for transporting and sterilizing large and heavy orthopedic instruments. These sterilization boxes offer advantageous solutions for organizing and protecting orthopedic instruments that could be damaged if left loose.

The sterile trays are manufactured from 1.2 mm thick AISI 304 perforated satin-finished sheet metal, ensuring strength and durability. In addition, the 4 feet made of TM8MED material on the base of the sterile box ensure stability and easy stacking, making transportation safe and easy.

Equipped with a Safety Lock locking system on the two heads and double carrying handle, these containers for sterilization of orthopedic instruments offer convenience and safety at every stage of use. In addition, we can offer standard or customized sterile containers with supports and graphics, according to specific customer needs.

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Anti-Shock Line /03

Sterilization boxes for orthopedic accessories of any size.

Sterilization boxes in the Anti-Shock /03 line are suitable for transporting and sterilizing orthopedic instruments and accessories of any size. We can produce both customized cases and sterile boxes.

The 4 TM8MED corners of these sterile cases not only ensure their stability but also preserve their aesthetic features by absorbing accidental shocks. The 4 rubber inserts (TM8MED) at the corners of the cover, in addition to improving the stability of the sterilization box in stacking fese, facilitate closure by ensuring its efficiency and safety.

These sterile boxes perfect for orthopedic instruments can be customized with graphic customizations and supports in silicone, steel, aluminum or PPSU.

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