Veterinary tools


Veterinary devices

Sterilization boxes for veterinary equipment

Lines of sterile containers dedicated to veterinary instruments are carefully designed to meet the specific needs of veterinary practitioners, offering efficient and organized arrangement of instruments. Each sterilization box is designed to accommodate a wide range of veterinary instruments, ensuring safe and hygienic handling of instruments during transport and storage.


Vet Line /04

Sterilization boxes for lightweight veterinary instruments

Vet /04 line sterilization trays are ideal for safely sterilizing and transporting lightweight veterinary instruments. The sterilization trays are made of high quality polymer materials, precision machined by milling.

The base of the sterilization box is equipped with 4 feet made of TM8MED material that provide stability and facilitate stacking. The Safety Lock locking system on the two heads ensures an airtight seal, while the single handle on the cover makes transportation easy.

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