Sterilization box supports ensure the stability of the contents

The supports are the heart of our sterilization boxes, providing stable location, sterilization effectiveness and ease of grip for the instruments placed in sterilization.



High-performance polymer


High-performance polymer

PPSU (polyphenylsulfone) is a high-performance polymer in terms of thermal, chemical, and mechanical resistance. These characteristics make it an excellent material for use in medical applications, particularly those subject to sterilization processes.


They are available in two versions:

*Sandard (STD) available in 75 mm height.

*T-Model (T) available in two heights:

      * 75 mm
      * 56 mm

Both versions are available in blue and black.


Steel (AISI 304) / Aluminum

Excellent resistance properties

In addition to their excellent chemical resistance properties, stainless steel and aluminum also have excellent mechanical properties, making them perfect for use in the autoclave sterilization of medical instruments/accessories of high weight and size.

Shapes and sizes of sterilization container supports are fully customizable, as needed, to ensure the best housing of the instrumentation.

Surface finishing treatments such as electropolishing and tumbling are available, aimed at aesthetic and functional improvement of the product.



Ability to maintain flexibility and chemical stability.

Silicone is a widely used material in medical and health care due to its resistance to sterilization temperatures, ability to maintain flexibility and chemical stability.

The height of the supports is fixed at 75mm, while the coloring can be customized according to customer needs.

Internal development
Supports design

Beveled corners and edges

Sterilization boxes that facilitate medical operations

All Pegaso Box medical sterilization boxes are designed and manufactured with the aim of facilitating medical operations. Every detail is designed to optimize the operation of the end user, with beveled and rounded corners.