Compact Line


Compact Line /02

Box for sterilization of small medical instruments

Sterilization boxes that arise from the need to be able to sterilize and transport small medical instruments and/or accessories. The sterilization trays are made of polymeric material by milling.

Sistema di chiusura Safety Lock
Through holes in the bottom of the box and on the cover


Stacking and stability are ensured by the 4 AISI 304 feet.

Flowing Lock closure with sliding lid made of AISI 304 perforated satin-finished sheet metal.

Guaranteed sterilization and

water drainage given by the through holes drilled in the bottom of the box and on the cover.

The Compact line is fully customizable:

Maximum height 70mm

Customized sizes on request

100% Made in Italy

Pegaso Box offers sterilization containers designed specifically for transporting and sterilizing medical instruments and accessories of any size. Our sterilization trays are made of high-quality materials, ensuring strength and durability.

Pegaso Box offers construction modules of different sizes to assemble the box best suited to your needs: this makes it possible to make medical devices with different capacities depending on the medical instrumentation they need to house.
The corners of sterilisation boxes can be made of plastic, characterised by lightness, corrosion resistance and ease of cleaning, or of sheet metal, known for their robustness and ability to withstand the high temperatures of the sterilisation process.