Pegaso Box /Who we are

Specializing in autoclave sterilization boxes

Pegaso Box was founded in 2011 in La Valletta Brianza (LC) as a business division of OMP Perego, a company operating in the automotive sector. Pegaso Box specializes in the production of sterilization containers, providing innovative and high quality technical solutions. Its reputation is based on reliability and continuous search for solutions that meet customers' needs in the sterilization industry.

Pegaso Box's strengths are:

  • Speed of prototyping
  • Transparency of production processes
  • Traceability of all materials used
  • Realization of supplies of small quantities
Medical boxes developed and manufactured by Pegaso Box
Internal development
Processing 100% Pegasus Box
Qualità Made in Italy

100% Made in Italy

Quality sterilization boxes

The entire design and production process of sterilization boxes is carried out by Pegaso Box at its production site in La Valletta Brianza (LC).



Strict standards for sterilization boxes

Pegaso Box is certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 standards.

These certifications testify to Pegaso Box's commitment to providing high-quality sterilization boxes for medical, dental and veterinary instruments. They represent a guarantee that sterilization boxes are designed and manufactured with the utmost care to ensure the effectiveness of the sterilization process, user safety, and compliance with applicable regulations.


Development and design

Sterilization containers customized to each need

Through the pursuit of excellence, Pegaso Box has become one of Europe's leaders in the design and manufacture of customized sterilization boxes.  We develop and design the best sterilization boxes in-house to ensure safety and reliability.

To offer sterilization boxes best suited to your instruments, we make a wide range of innovative and cost-effective sterilization containers.